Heiko Wenner

Bioenergetic Information Management

Managing your own power, energy and well-being.

An Introduction into Bioenergetic Information Management

Managing your own power, energy and well-being

Heiko Wenner


My reason for writing this book is simple: though the world often leaves us feeling small, helpless and ineffective I choose to share hope and to showcase the opportunities we have to improve and manage our life circumstances and our energy.

Based on a host of practical examples you will be filled in on the secrets of Bioenergetic Information Management.

The main reason most people barely get through the day and end up feeling, dejected, listless and demotivated is a lack of energy. An effective way of stimulating your body with energy is the use of Bioenergetic Information Management as developed by myself.

I am talking about the kind of energy that motivates you to really go out and do something, to create something, to make that change, to take control and grab life with both hands – the kind of good energy that get results you can be proud of.

Basically, the usage of Bioenergetic Information Management is so simple the many people just cannot believe it at first.

I hereby promise you that you do not have to be a physicist to understand this method and to use it for yourself.

In order to do justice to the concept outlined in this book, the book is divided into 3 parts.

Part I


Here I provide you with an introduction into the topics of energy, frequency, vibration and information based on a host of simple examples. I answer questions such as, what is health, vital energy, self-healing powers and what is the purpose immune system. In practical terms, I will instruct you on how to sense your energy, to recognise the reason for performance lapses and to protect yourself from energy robbers.

Part II

How the Bioenergetic Information Management came about

Here I outline the evolution of the energy information chips in a series of exciting reports. I also take a closer look at the multitude of healing successes and the scientific findings that contributed significantly to the methodology of development in the end.

Part III

Working with the akury Information Chips

Based on practical examples I will give you an overview of the diverse uses of the akury Information Chips and how to handle them in this chapter. We also take an in-depth look at how the akury Information Chips work, how they act and who they can benefit.

This book - ‚Managing your own power, energy and well-being’ - is the result of over 50 years of research and my efforts to uncover the simple secrets of self-healing. If you have ever asked yourself the question - are we really connected with everything which exists and, if so, how can I use this realisation for myself? - then this is the right book for you.

I believe, it will take a new kind of thinking so that we can live lives full of health, joy, abundance and peace. This book will lead you to the realisation that we are all very much in a position to manage your energy, power and well-being on your own. Along the way you will also understand that the basis for deep healing and the greatest joy can be found in the ability to understand and use the principles of Bioenergetic Information Management.

Heiko Wenner

Höchst im Odenwald, October 2018

What would being able to manage your own power, energy and well-being truly mean?

Just imagine being to stay cool, calm and collected in difficult situations given a little practice? Or being able to deliver an optimal performance at any given time? You could appear confident and balanced no matter how tricky the situation and would always be in control. You could tackle your work with greater concentration and focus and be significantly more effective. Fear of any difficult situations and conversations would not be such an issue any more. After a tough day you could unwind and regenerate more quickly and also benefit from a deeper and more relaxing sleep. Wouldn‘t that be a game-changer?

Bioenergetic Information Management has turned all this into a reality.

The reader will be filled in on the secrets of Bioenergetic Information Management by this book and the simple practical examples it contains. It aims to understand and use the new technology. It is a description of how the method and its complexity and power are condensed into a single information chip which makes the owner‘s life easier.

Part I


How Bioenergetic Information Management works

Renowned scientists grappled with the terms ‚energy and vibration‘ over 100 years ago. Some of their findings are outlined in the following quotes:

‚If you want to find the secrets of the Universe, think in terms of energy, frequency and vibration.’

(Nikola Tesla)

‚Everything is energy and that‘s all there is to it. Match the frequency of the reality you want and you cannot help but get that reality. That is not philosophy. That is physics.’

(Albert Einstein)

Everything is energy, frequency, vibration and information

Even in solid matter such as stones and crystals the molecules are in constant vibration. Every thought and every emotion is accompanied by vibrations of varying frequencies. Every vibration corresponds to information, frequency, sound, colour, power and energy.

The resonance principal comes into play here in our understanding of the Bioenergetic Information Management.

Science describes resonance as how a system which is free to vibrate is forced into vibrational motion when stimulated by a second vibration. We know for a fact that all matter, even solid bodies, vibrates on an atomic level. In that way matter is able to resonate. We just have to find the suitable frequency for the respective matter. Here is an example to illustrate: if I have the forks of our musical scale (from low to high C) in a room and I strike a second H fork, only one tuning fork will go into vibrational motion. That is the tuning H fork. Other tuning forks remain unaffected. Put simply, that means the first H tuning fork resonated with the second H tuning fork.

What do resonance frequencies do?

We all are subject to the laws of how energy is generated and consumed. The prerequisites for generating energy in an optimal manner are wholesome foods and optimal pulmonary and digestive functions. The many stimuli which have an impact on the body are pivotal in terms of energy consumption.

It can be said that we are healthy when the organism can respond to the stimuli and the baseline state can be attained again. This is only possible if the type and strength of the stimuli are such that the body can cope with them. However, each and every stimulus response consumes energy. Adapting to stimuli which are too intense, prolonged, alien and non-biological takes a lot of energy and causes impairments to your well-being and even illnesses. It is our objective to re-establish the energetic balance. If our energy field is in balance, our immune system is in a position to fight off negative influences. Our well-being and our performance are based on an energetic balance. If the energy is not in flow, disharmonious waves and blocks of the individual cells come about.

How can we benefit from this realisation?

Each and every cell, organ and organism has a specific and unique resonant frequency spectrum. A substance‘s wave can unleash an effect by causing another substance to resonate. (For example: the tuning fork). In practical terms, this means from the multitude of frequencies entering the body, the only ones to actually have an affect (to react) are the ones that trigger a resonance. This unique technology for the transfer information which is based on the findings of quantum physics means disharmonies can be balanced by the right akury Information Chip. The akury Information Chips are made up of a plastic platelet in shape of a square with rounded corners of approx. 20mm x 20mm. Carrier substances are applied to the surface which have an energetic charge according to the desired effect. According to the resonance principle, the client is provided with the right frequency to activate self-healing powers. One could say that harmonious information replaces disharmonious information. The duration of the process depends on type and extent of the dis-balance.